Urban Visual Research

Urban Visual Research is the photographic research site of Scott Lizama.

Scott Lizama is an artist (MFA, Rutgers-Mason Gross School of Art), photographer, educator, and doctoral student in the Environmental Psychology department at the CUNY Graduate Center. His photographic and installation work have been exhibited locally in New York city and internationally and have appeared in major publications such as Artnews, Art in America, British Esquire, and Photo District News. Since coming to the Graduate Center, Scott worked as a research assistant with the Public Science Project to develop visual material and data addressing issues around community policing with the participatory action research group, the Morris Justice Project and has created and led workshops in visualizing data and visual research methodologies for local and international PhD students and scholars. Scott’s own PhD research focuses on the psychogeographies of urban space, specifically, how neoliberal urbanization has shaped the embodied experience of urban neighborhoods and places. Additionally, Scott is involved in the development of critical visual research methodologies that use digital technology to better understand and define the social production/construction of urban spaces. He is a faculty associate in the sociology department at CUNY-Hunter College and the associate editor of Visual Studies Journal.

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